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    Women's Empowerment

  • Overpower Self-Doubt to Succeed


    I provide support and practical coaching tools to help

    professional, introverted women and female entrepreneurs to

    Unlock their Full Potential and

    Turn Their Self-doubt into Success!

    Strategy for Success 


    I create a safe and trusting environment for professional , introverted women and female entrepreneurs, respecting their privacy and ensuring that discussions and information shared remain confidential.


    My programs and workshops are designed to prioritize their goals and identify the roadblocks which hold them back.

    Through active listening, powerful questions and practical coaching tools, I accompany and track their progress to enhance their self-belief, overcome self-doubt and find their voice to achieve personal growth and sustainable success.


  • What We Do

    3 programmes for

    Professional, Introverted Women and Female Entrepreneurs

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    Embrace Your Quiet Strength


    As an introverted woman, you may encounter difficulties:

    • Expressing yourself in group settings; leading to your ideas being overlooked
    • Experiencing reduced opportunities for promotions


    WIth my coaching sessions, you will :

    • Embrace your introvertedness
    • Improve your communication skills 
    • Enhance your professional growth 
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    Nurture Your Leadership Potential


    You are a professional woman and you are seeking to:

    • Develop and project a strong leadership presence
    • Improve communication skills to influence both your team and stakeholders.


    WIth this coaching program, you will:

    • Cultivate your leadership presence
    • Build resilience
    • Navigate challenges you face
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    Enhance your She-preneur Power


    You are a female entrepreneur looking


    • Strengthen the foundation of your current business
    • Boost sales and expand your market footprint



    With my coaching program, you will:

    • Define your business vision 
    • Develop the mindset to succeed 
    • Build a strong brand identity
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    About Me

    After moving to the United Kingdom from France, at the age of 36, I achieved my dream: I had become an Export Sales Manager for a steel company, overcoming language and gender barriers.

    I traveled worldwide, negotiating large contracts in different languages. Glamorous, you would say. Well, yes at first, but I thought: "what's next, then?" I was totally lost, without a vision to focus on and a purpose to work towards. I felt that I was at a round-about, going round and round not knowing which exit to choose.


    I remembered that, as a teenager, I wanted to travel to South America. I knew that it was the right decision. I sold everything and backpacked, alone, in five South American countries for nearly five months. That was a life changing experience and I fell in love with Ecuador, now my true home.


    I realized, that I was the ONLY ONE with the POWER to change my life and if I had not made the decision to change it, I would have been stuck, feeling unhappy.


    My experience to pursue my dreams, and fulfil them, was the springboard to my real purpose: accompanying professional, introverted women and female entrepreneurs to:


    enhance their self-belief and turn their self-doubt to thrive in their personal and professional world.


    I became an International Women's Empowerment Coach

    (ICF certified)

    and created Fenix Coaching & Training.

  • Testimonials

    Isabelle conducted a workshop about "active listening" to a group of master and ph.D students during an event to foster entrepreneurial and soft skills. The students came out of the workshop with new tools and understanding of active listening. They were very grateful for their exchange in between them and with Isabelle.

    During this event, she also coached the different teams to help them improve the solution they were developing. In addition to her expertise, Isabelle is very mindful and shares a vibrant energy. It is a pleasure to collaborate with her. L.B- French Embassy- Ecuador




    I am truly grateful to Isabelle for helping me develop my self-confidence as an introverted woman. Her support, insightful guidance, and strategies have help me not only regarding my business but also my perspective on what it means to be an introvert in a competitive business world.

    I highly recommend Isabelle to all introverted individuals who are eager to unlock their hidden potential and thrive in their respective fields. AA- Italy




    Isabelle has been my coach and I loved her spirit and her drive to get the best results out of me. I was happy to see that after the coaching sessions, Isabelle took the time to send me a message to ask how I was doing with my goal. She also was truly interested in my well-being.

    Working with Isabelle is inspiring and fun. It is time-well-spend. I recommend Isabelle as a coach to every woman that wants to be empowered and get ahead in life. T.P- The Netherlands




    The best thing about coaching with Isabelle is that she creates a safe and sacred space for full and honest expression. She is respectful and allows you to be yourself.Within the coaching sessions she was able to journey with me through my beliefs and goals, asking important questions and allowing me to uncover the solutions.Isabelle has a way of empowering you to take action and move forward. I am already seeing improvements in my personal relationships and I very much look forward to my next session.

    I highly recommend you contact Isabelle to see how she can support you! J.G-UK


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