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    If you feel stuck in your life and want to 

    break free from limiting beliefs,


    I have been there myself, and I have made it my MISSION to

     guide other women to live a PURPOSEFUL  and  FULFILLING LIFE.

    Isabelle Nanin is an International Women's Empowerment Coach based in Quito, Ecuador.


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    Fenix Coaching & Training


    One of my goals was to become an Export Sales Manager. After moving to the United Kingdom from France, at the age of 30, I achieved my dream, traveling worldwide, negotiating large contracts in different languages. Glamorous, you would say. Well, not so much because I woke up one day and said to myself: what's next, then? I was totally lost, without a vision to focus on, a purpose to work towards.


    So, I sat down in silence and asked myself: what do you want to do now? What is your soul telling you? I remembered that as a teenager, I wanted to travel to South America. I suddenly felt ALIVE. That was it. I sold everything and backpacked, alone, in South America for nearly 5 months. That was a life changing experience and I fell in love with Ecuador, now my true home.

    I then realized ,that I was the ONLY ONE with the POWER to change my life. If I had not made the decision to change it, I would have been stuck, feeling unhappy.


    My experience to pursue my dreams, and fulfill them, was the springboard to my real purpose:

    to become an International Women's Empowerment Coach (International Coach Federation certified).

    I created Fenix Coaching & Training to accompany women on a magical journey of discovery and introspection combining coaching & art so that they can


    Reclaim their TRUE SELVES and




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    What is Coaching?


    ICF (International Coach Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


    What is Empowerment Coaching?


    Empowerment Coaching is a tool to access your true self, to awaken your inner power, transform your personal and professional lives, and your relationships to become the person you aspire to be and create the life you desire.

    You actually DO have ALL of the answers. Through personalized guidance based on powerful questions, I will take you on an introspective journey where you will gain clarity about what you want in life, identify and break through the blocks and limiting beliefs that hold you back.


    You will experience a REBIRTH 

    like the PHOENIX RISING from the ASHES.


    Benefits of Empowerment Coaching:


    During our work together, you will:

    • Increase personal and professional clarity
    • Raise self-awareness
    • Learn to value yourself by developing self-compassion and self-love
    • Build greater confidence, self belief and well-being
    • Find your purpose
    • Unleash your potential
    • Improve your professional & personal relationships
    • Achieve your goals
    • Thrive in all areas of your life


    Be the Master of YOUR LIFE!




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    Working Together


    Our Coaching Session:


    How does this work?

    Our coaching session will run for 60 minutes in a safe and confidential virtual or physical space. Through insightful questions, I will help YOU to find the solution to your personal or professional problems and support you every step of the way to achieve the actions you have chosen to be the best version of yourself.

    Between sessions, I will remain available for one free 15 minute call, should you need it. I will also check in on your progress by Signal/Telegram.


    How much will it Cost?


    Your coaching session will run for 60 minutes and we will discuss the fees in our free consultation.


    How Do I Pay?


    In Ecuador: by bank transfer, minimum 24 hours prior to the session.


    From abroad: Payment can be made by Paypal, minimum 24 hours prior to the session.


    Where Do Sessions Take Place?


    Coaching sessions take place physically and/or via Signal/Telegram/Whatsapp/Skype video calls.


    What Happens after Booking a Session?


    You will receive a email with your booking confirmation. I will also send you a coaching agreement which you will sign and return prior to our first session.


    I want to Book! What is the Next Step?


    Click on the Free Consultation button on the home page to book your free 20 minute phone consultation to find out more and, if you are ready, to begin your coaching journey with me. We will chat informally to get to know each other better. I will answer any questions that you have. Then, if coaching feels right for you, we will book your first session and I will send you the coaching agreement and payment details.



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    I reached out to Isabelle in a moment in which I felt stuck.I wanted to feel more confident and I didn't have the strength of doing it by myself.I needed help and I am glad I chose Isabelle.

    She is such a great coach! She listened to me with careful attention, she's an inspiring and strong woman.

    Isabelle it's not for the faint of heart, she will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, to get that growth you need if you want to get anywhere in life and she will keep you accountable.

    Thanks to her way of coaching she really did help me to overcome a difficulty I had in that moment.

    I recommend Isabelle to every woman who wants more from herself and her life.

    Thank you so much Isabelle. A.A- Italy


    Isabelle has been my coach on several occasions. I loved her spirit and her drive to get the best results out of me.
    I was happy to see that after the coaching sessions Isabelle took the time to send me a message to ask how I was doing with my goal. She also was truly interested in my well-being.
    Working with Isabelle is inspiring and fun. It is time-well-spend. I recommend Isabelle as a coach to every woman that wants to be empowered and get ahead in life. T.P- The Netherlands



    The best thing about coaching with Isabelle is that she creates a safe and sacred space for full and honest expression. She is respectful and allows you to be yourself.Within the coaching sessions she was able to journey with me through my beliefs and goals, asking important questions and allowing me to uncover the solutions.Isabelle has a way of empowering you to take action and move forward. I am already seeing improvements in my personal relationships and I very much look forward to my next session.

    I highly recommend you contact Isabelle to see how she can support you! J.G-UK


    Isabelle is a caring and knowledgeable coach. She has helped me feel motivated and empowered.

    She held space for me while I processed some deep feelings and old programming.

    I would highly recommend her. L.W-USA


    Following a family crisis and having a job with high responsibilities, I needed coaching to take the time to think about my way of working. Coaching with Isabelle helped me a lot. This professional coach listened to me. She is a caring person. Isabelle knew how to ask me the right questions to guide me towards understanding what I needed to do. I freed myself from the confusion of thoughts. This allows me to focus more on my professional goals. At the end of this coaching, I have the feeling that I finally feel an inner calm at work. My approach is now different and more effective. D.R- Ecuador


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